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  Economic Research and Market Competitiveness Analyses

Wall Communications conducts market competitiveness studies involving issues such as the potential effects of proposed mergers, anti-competitive conduct or abuse of dominance, regulatory forbearance and, more generally, the degree or state of competition within a specific industry.

The firm has carried out several studies on the state of the Canadian mobile wireless services industry. The firm has also been involved with various matters before the Competition Bureau dealing with mergers in the telecommunications industry (e.g., the formation of the Stentor Alliance and the acquisition of Microcell Wireless) as well as issues relating to the pricing of telecommunications services. The firm has also been involved with a variety of telecommunications forbearance proceedings before the CRTC.

In addition, Wall Communications conducted a study which provided an economic assessment of Canada Post's involvement in the Canadian courier services industry in regards to "abuse of dominance" complaints raised by other courier service providers.

The firm also conducted a study for Canadian Pacific Railway entitled Network Access: The Contrast Between Telecommunications and Railways (completed in October 2000, Executive Summary) which analyzed the competitive implications of different access arrangements in the railway industry versus the telecommunications industry. 



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