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In telecommunications, Wall Communications' principal areas of expertise include (i) economic research and policy analysis, (ii) regulatory matters, (iii) license applications and (iv) business case analysis.

i)  Economic Research and Policy Analysis

Wall Communications conducts economic research and policy analysis studies on issues relating to the regulation of and introduction of competition in telecommunications industry, among other issues. The firm has prepared a series of annual reports on pricing of wireline, wireless, broadband and triple and quad-play service bundles starting in 2008 on behalf of the CRTC and Industry Canada. The firm also conducted a comprehensive study of the Canadian wireless industry, including historical financial performance, service coverage, technological developments, price and penetration comparisons with foreign countries, and an assessment of the state of competition in the Canadian wireless industry for the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association.

In 2001 Wall Communications completed a study for Industry Canada assessing competition in the wireless segment of the Canadian telecommunications industry (Full Report). The firm revisited this issue in 2011, preparing a studies for Industry Canada and the Centre for the Digital Economy on the state of competition in the wireless industry.

Past research work also includes a comprehensive review of Canadian telecommunications Foreign Ownership Restrictions for a group of nine major Canadian telecommunications service providers (Executive Summary). In addition, the firm prepared a report for Industry Canada on the Canadian Policy and Regulatory Regime Related to Network Interconnection and Increased Competition in 1999.

In addition, Wall Communications is providing expert assistance to various parties in the areas of pole attachment pricing, the release of 700 MHz spectrum and satellite matters.

ii)  Regulatory Matters

Wall Communications has extensive experience in preparing regulatory submissions (including applications, evidence and interrogatory responses) on virtually all telecom-related matters before the CRTC. Since its formation in 1993, the firm has been actively involved in all major telecommunications regulatory proceedings, starting with the regulatory framework review initiated by the Commission at that time and continuing with the related follow-up proceedings, which addressed matters such as rate rebalancing, forbearance, local competition, price cap regulation, service in high-cost serving areas, alternative contribution collection mechanisms, basic service objective, network interconnection and the wholesale services regime.

iii)  License Applications

Wall Communications assists clients in preparing radio-communications licence applications in accordance with Industry Canada requirements. Assignments have involved license applications for satellite orbital slots, PCS spectrum and other radio spectrum. In addition, the firm assists clients with procedural requirements associated with Industry Canada's spectrum auctions.

iv)  Business Case Analyses

Wall Communications conducts telecom service business case modeling and assessments. The firm has conducted business case assessments of the provision of residential high-speed Internet access service and the provision of residential cable telephony service.



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Recent highlights:

- Publication of Wall Communications' 8th annual "Price Comparisons of Wireline, Wireless and Internet Services in Canada and with Foreign Jurisdictions" (March 2015) report prepared for the CRTC and Industry Canada.

Press Release, 2015 Wall Report

- Acted as a telecom service provider's ecconomic valuation expert on support structure pricing principles and levels in a arbitration proceeding (October 2011).

- Delivered a presentation on the state of competition in the Canadian Wireless industry for the University of Calgary Centre for Digital Economy workshop (September 2011)

- Provided regulatory advice to parties in several CRTC telecommunications proceedings including: network interconnection, wholesale services pricing, basic service objective and the local subsidy regime (2010-11).

- Provided regulatory advice to parties in Industry Canada's consultations on 700MHz and 2500 MHz spectrum policy issues.