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Wall Communications Inc.


In the film and television area, Wall Communications' principal areas of expertiseinclude (i) research and policy analysis and (ii) economic analysis.

i)  Research and Policy Analysis

Wall Communications conducts economic research and policy analysis on issues relating to Canadian film and television industry, including matters relating to Canadian content, production, marketing and distribution of film and television programming. The firm has prepared a number of studies for the Department of Canadian Heritage and/or Industry Canada, including:

  • Analysis of the Domestic Feature Film Distribution Sector;
  • A Review of the Canadian Television Fund and Its Impact on the Industry and Economy;
  • The Canadian Independent Film and Video Industry: Economic Features and Foreign Investment Related to the Distribution Sector;
  • and Concentration in the Canadian Television Industry.

ii)  Economic Analysis

Wall Communications has provided economic research and analysis to the Canadian Media Production Association, Canadian Heritage and Ontario Ministry of Culture.



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