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In new media, Wall Communications' principal areas of expertise include economic research and policy analysis.

i)  Economic Research and Policy Analysis

Wall Communications has been active in the new media area since it first emerged in the late 1990's. The firm completed an extensive 300-page study for Industry Canada, Canadian Heritage and the CRTC, entitled: Study on Mechanisms to Promote the Development and Distribution of Canadian Multimedia and other New Media Content and Services (Executive Summary). The 1998 study provided the first detailed profile of the Canadian new media industry and an assessment of alternative mechanisms to promote the development and distribution of Canadian new media content and services.

Wall Communications has also carried out other reports for the Department of Canadian Heritage in the New Media area including A Study of Existing Measures Promoting Canadian On-Line Contentand A Study of Canadian and Canadian Cultural Content on Major Websites and Portals. In addition, the firm completed a study for Canadian Heritage entitled A Study of Business Models Sustaining the Development of Digital Cultural Content which has been widely cited in the literature on digital archiving and preservation (Full Report).



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